oh no it’s back

edit: for those who don’t know what I’m referring to


Oh WOW. Guild Wars 2 Tier 3 Norn cultural armor.

by Kamui Cosplay if anyone was curious :)

Decided to try out Cirque’s stuff on Lena, Jollux, & Manny… 8)

my god someone stop me before i put all of cirque’s items on my alts



Miss Trixx, I did not forget about you.

Dinny, I did not forget about you.

Cirque, I did not forget about you.

Life’s just been hectic and way off-line. I can’t find inspiration.


Don’t worry, I know the feeling ;__; Thank you for letting me know though! Take it easy on yourself and take as much time as you’d like. <3

Manny, are you okay? W-wait Manny—oh mY GOD.

… something’s not quite right.

I told you eating that damn beehive was a bad idea…”

"Sorry bro…"

My 1000th post has to be of Cirque & Leafy of course :) ♥

Belated screenshots from when Leafy Thiefy got his Incinerator :>

oh my god guys guess what the golem-lover bought

i need that golem finisher oh my god you have no idea


smack smack smack smack