So I’ve been video editing all day and it left me feeling sentimental. Thus, this. Although you don’t play much anymore, you’re still loved within the Guild Wars 2 community, Jo!

These screenies are not mine.

Where to find her: jotheturtle & cirquescape.
shameless self promotion

I teared up a little reading this post & watching this video LOL wahhh VICKY YOU ARE TOO SWEET!!! I really do miss everyone I used to play with and talk to on this blog <3

Please check out her edits and videos!! They’re super awesome aaa ^__^//

HI HELLO!! I got a few messages about where I’ve gone :’D YES, I’m still around and do check this blog occasionally, but quite rarely now. I update my art blog pretty frequently, so that’s where I am now if you’re interested!

I don’t post much GW2 art anymore but I’m in a huge FE:A craze. Otherwise, I hope to come back to GW2 sometime during the summer ;w;~ I’ll also probably answer some posts/meme things I was tagged in on this blog later for fun.

Thanks for sticking around despite my hiatus and all <3



Some old GW2 exploration sceneries that I never got around to posting.

oh no it’s back

edit: for those who don’t know what I’m referring to


Oh WOW. Guild Wars 2 Tier 3 Norn cultural armor.

by Kamui Cosplay if anyone was curious :)

Decided to try out Cirque’s stuff on Lena, Jollux, & Manny… 8)

my god someone stop me before i put all of cirque’s items on my alts



Miss Trixx, I did not forget about you.

Dinny, I did not forget about you.

Cirque, I did not forget about you.

Life’s just been hectic and way off-line. I can’t find inspiration.


Don’t worry, I know the feeling ;__; Thank you for letting me know though! Take it easy on yourself and take as much time as you’d like. <3

Manny, are you okay? W-wait Manny—oh mY GOD.

… something’s not quite right.

I told you eating that damn beehive was a bad idea…”

"Sorry bro…"